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Real Estate Development & Alternative Energy Ventures

CONVENTIONAL  Debt  &  Private  Equity  Financing  

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Fuoss Consulting Group LLC

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Corporate financing through established relationships 
with multiple funding sources, including private investor capital.

No upfront fees assessed to review project data and facilitate funding process.     

Funding Amounts:

Domestic USA & International: $50 million and higher

Preferred Project Types:

Real Estate Development / Alternative Energy

Large Resorts; Casinos; Condos; Multifamily/Apartments - 70% to 95% loan to cost

Alternative Energy Ventures - funding up to 100% of cost 

with Power Purchase / Offtake Agreements

No upfront fees

(No "venture capital" projects)

Specific funding parameters determined on a project-by-project basis.

For consideration for Conventional Debt & Private Equity Financing, see below for "Initial Required Data" 

Initial Required Data

To determine if a particular Conventional Debt and/or Equity Financing project is viable for funding, and which funding program is most suitable for a specific venture, the following initial information is required:

1.  Project name and location (city, state, country)

2.  Project Description

3.  Total project cost (USD)

4.  Amount of funding required (USD)

5.  Brief summary of Use of Funds (USD)

6.  Amount project principal(s) have or will have financially in project (USD)

7.  Available liquid funds (USD)

8.  State preferable funding terms (debt, equity, loan term, etc.)

9.  Provide a list (only) of available supporting documentation (Business Plan, Power Purchase Agreements, etc.)

NOTE: All of the above details are required for initial consideration for funding.

"Project Summary" can be submitted, but it must include all the categories listed above.

(Full supporting documentation would be requested at the appropriate time.)

Funding "Terms"  

For Conventional Debt & Equity Financing programs, the overall lender/investor "terms" for funding a venture are predicated on many factors, including the type, location and inherent risk of the project, amount of funding required, and the principal's monetary contribution to the venture, etc.

Specific funding terms can only be determined after all the applicable project documentation has been requested and reviewed.  

Costs for third party studies/reports required by a lender/investor are the responsibility of the project principals.  

No upfront fees are assessed by the lender/investor or to review project data and facilitate the funding process.

Funding Amounts:   

Domestic USA & International: $50 million and higher

~  Fuoss Consulting Group LLC  ~

USA based financial advisory firm specializing in facilitating multiple types of corporate financing
through affiliated relationships with numerous funding sources, including private investor capital.

Please contact us, via the e-mail address below, to determine whether we can be of assistance in fulfilling your business financing requirements.  

E-Mail:   Info@FuossConsulting.com  

Fuoss Consulting Group LLC

DISCLAIMER: Fuoss Consulting Group LLC is providing services as an Independent Business Consultant.  We are NOT licensed brokers, securities dealers or investment advisers.  This is NOT a solicitation to buy or an offer to sell or to trade securities or the proffering of counsel or advice with respect to any such activities.  We are acting solely as introductory intermediaries between interested parties.  We make no warranties or representations as to transactions involving the parties.  All due diligence pertaining to a transaction is the responsibility of the individual introduced parties.

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