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Corporate financing through established affiliate relationships 

with multiple funding sources, including private investor capital.

No upfront fees assessed to review project data and facilitate funding process.     

Funding Amounts:

Domestic USA & International: $10 million to $500 million (and above)

Specific funding parameters vary on a project-by-project basis.


SBLCs & Bank Guarantees

Turn-Key Non-Recourse Monetization & Funding Program  (100% Funding)

Conventional Debt Financing  *

Joint Ventures  * 

 * For Conventional Debt Financing and JV Funding, see below "Initial Required Data" 

Turn-Key Non-Recourse Monetization & Funding Program

NOTE: BGs / SBLCs “without monetization” are also available upon request (same pricing matrix).

A Turn-Key Non-Recourse Monetization & Funding Program is offered for a limited time by a USA based firm involving the issuance and monetization of a Financial Instrument in a front-to-end regulated “Turn-Key” process.  The client receives “non-recourse” funding, therefore there is no requirement to repay the funds, nor any interest payments, and no equity lost by the project principals in the venture to be funded.

This program enables project principals to obtain 100% funding for a prospective venture.

The following are the general parameters of the Turn-Key Non-Recourse Monetization & Funding Program:

1. Program administered by USA financial firm utilizing Financial Instruments issued by international banks such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Barclays.

2. After submitting application documents, client can meet with program administrator, if desired.

3. Client does NOT actually acquire an Instrument under this program.

4. LTV for non-recourse funding is approximately 65%+ (to be determined after application).

5. Client does not enter into an agreement until an acceptable monetization commitment is obtained by program provider.


After applicable agreements are signed, the client is required to make an escrow deposit of a portion of the cost of the Financial Instrument.  The balance of the cost is paid from the monetized funds.

A. The provider designates the Escrow Law Firm, which is a well established firm in New York.  The lead counsel has over 22 years of banking experience, with no lodged complaints.  Complete details on the Escrow Law Firm will be provided after proper introduction of the principal parties.

B. Client is required to place the designated escrow amount into the Escrow Law firm's account for up to a 30-day hold.  During the 30-day hold, the provider will issue a funding agreement to the client for approval.  If terms are not acceptable to the client, the client is able to immediately request the escrow funds be returned at no cost.

C. The following matrix provides the total cost, including commissions, and minimum escrow percentage required.  Based on an estimated LTV of 65%+, the desired Face Value should be selected to be monetized. (Pricing subject to change at any time.)


Instrument Size: $10M; Total Cost/Fees: 8.75%; 4% to escrow - balance paid from funding.

Instrument Size: $11M to $49M; Total Cost/Fees: 8.25%; 4% to escrow - balance paid from funding.

Instrument Size: $50M to $150M; Total Cost/Fees: 7.5%; 2.5% to escrow - balance paid from funding.

Instrument Size: $151M to $500M; total Cost/Fees: 7.25%; 2.0% in escrow - balance paid from funding.

Escrow deposit not required until program agreements signed by pertinent parties.  Escrow funds are NOT moved.  In the event a funding commitment is not provided, all client escrow funds, including a one-time $10K Escrow Law Firm escrow fee, are returned to client.  Escrow funds are only released if client receives funding.

NOTE:  Financial Instruments (BG/SBLC) “without monetization”, and with the same pricing matrix and similar procedures, are also available upon request.


1. Client submits required application documentation (see Application Procedure below).

2. Standard fee agreement executed.

3. Client introduced to program administrator.  (Client can meet with program administrator, if desired.)  

4. Client does not enter into an agreement with program administrator until an acceptable monetization commitment is obtained by program provider.

5. Upon underwriting approval, name of Escrow Law Firm disclosed.

6. Escrow Law Firm issues a 30-day Escrow Hold Agreement.

7. Client executes wire transfer to Escrow Law Firm’s specified escrow account.

8. Provider issues supporting bank documentation for the issuing of collateral Instrument and contacts monetization parties.

9. Provider presents monetization options to client.

10. If client finds everything acceptable, new escrow and collateral Instrument issuance agreements are prepared and executed by the respective parties.

11. Instrument collateral is transmitted to the receiving monetizer.

12. Client receives non-recourse funds; balance of cost/fees paid from funding; funds released from escrow.


The following initial information is required to apply for the Turn-Key Non-Recourse Monetization & Funding Program:

(a)  Client Information Sheet (CIS) - to be provided

(b)  Proof of Funds (POF) - copy of client's current bank statement (account number can be deleted) reflecting sufficient funds available for escrow deposit.  (Bank confirmation letter also acceptable.)

(c)  Letter of Interest (LOI) - Statement on company letterhead, addressed to “Program Provider”, stipulating:
     (1)  Interest in participating in the Turn-Key Non-Recourse Funding Program;
     (2)  Face Value of Financial Instrument to be acquired to be monetized;
     (3)  Brief summary of purpose and planned use of the non-recourse funds. 

Upon request, the CIS will be provided.

Upon receipt of a completed CIS, POF, and LOI, the respective documents will be forwarded to the program provider and additional information will be furnished on the program provider and the overall program.


Submit initial information and inquiries to: Inquiry@FuossConsulting.com

Financial Instrument Monetization Program


Clients Currently Owning / Leasing Financial Instruments

“Monetizing” a Financial Instrument is the process of converting the Instrument into legal tender.  Monetized Financial Instruments are converted to liquid funds at a discount from the Face Value of the Instrument.  

A "Financial Instrument Monetization Program" enables the client to acquire 100% of the capital required for a project, such as described in the following monetization program:

Depending upon the issuing bank and the content of a BG / SBLC, a Financial Instrument can often be “monetized”, providing the client with "non-recourse" funds, under the following parameters:  

Instrument must be "Active" and issued by Top World "Western" nation bank

*  Client must already "own" or be "leasing" BG / SBLC

Instrument must be "Callable"

Completely Non-Recourse / No Repayment

Up to 80% Net Funds To Client

* Funding in approximately 3 - 4 weeks

* Instrument Returned Unencumbered

Monetization costs / fees cannot be paid from monetized funds

(Full payment required before Instrument monetized)

Upon request, additional details will be provided on the above program.

Submit inquiries to: Inquiry@FuossConsulting.com  

Initial Required Data

Conventional Debt Financing and JV Funding

Corporate funding secured through affiliations with multiple sources that offer various types of funding programs for a variety of diversified projects, including construction and development, joint ventures, acquisitions, and other projects, such as Renewable Energy ventures with Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

To determine if a particular Conventional Debt Financing and JV Funding project is viable for funding, and which funding program is most suitable for a specific venture, the following initial information is required:

1.  Project name and location (city, state, country)

2.  Project Description

3.  Total project cost (USD)

4.  Amount of funding required (USD)

5.  Brief summary of Use of Funds (USD)

6.  Amount project principal(s) have or will have financially in project (USD)

7.  Available liquid funds (USD)

8.  State preferable funding terms (debt, equity, loan term, etc.) (USD)

9.  Provide a list of available supporting documentation (Business Plan, etc.).

NOTE: All of the above details are required for initial consideration for funding.  Please do not refer to other documents.  At the appropriate time full supporting documentation would be requested.

Funding "Terms"  

For Conventional Debt Financing and JV Funding programs, the overall lender/investor "terms" for funding a venture are predicated on many factors, including the nature and inherent risk of the project, amount of funding required, principal's monetary contribution to the venture, and collateral and/or guarantees backing the funding, etc.

Corporate financing is obtained through established relationships with numerous funding sources, including private investor capital, that assess minimal or no due diligence fees prior to funding.  Specific funding terms can only be determined after receipt and review of all the applicable project documentation.  

Each Lender/Investor has its own respective funding parameters which vary on a project-by-project basis, however where feasible any costs relating to Due Diligence are kept to a minimum.  Costs for third party studies/reports required by a lender/investor are the responsibility of the project principals.  

No upfront fees are assessed to review project data and facilitate the funding process with affiliated funding sources.

Funding Amounts:   

Domestic USA & International: $10 million to $500 million (and above)

~  AmeriVentures  ~

an affiliate of 

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USA based financial advisory firm specializing in facilitating multiple types of corporate financing through established affiliate relationships with numerous funding sources, including private investor capital.

Please contact us, via the e-mail address below, to determine whether we can be of assistance in fulfilling your business financing requirements.  

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